S.O.U.L. @ St Michael’s CJC

Something for Everyone…

A community-based project that is entertaining, fun and competitive, while bringing people together. Whether you want to support a good cause, meet new people, form new friendship, are super talented or simply have a competitive streak feel free to join in the fun.


An entrepreneurial House, that is energetic, confident and fun. Veracious is ruthlessly determined, and not afraid to take risks – they’ve shown they can rise to a challenge against all odds, and win!

Veracious are the current reigning champions for the second year running.


A creative House that is passionate, dedicated and bold. The Audacious vibrancy and team spirit provides a great presence at events. They never give up but, give 100%.


An innovative House, with a distinct flare for coming up with diverse and unusual ideas and approaches that set them apart. A team full of grit, drive and determination among other things.


A sporty House, that is energetic and likes to get physical but, whose charm lies in their warm and supportive approach to everyone. When they play, they play to win!