Youth @ St Michael's CJC


Hiya! Firstly, thanks for stopping by our page! Whatever the reason that brought you here, we’re glad you came by.

Our Youth Fellowship is a supportive, safe haven for youth (13 - 17 years) and young people (18 - 25 years) where we...

  • Socialise and meet new people our own age
  • Discuss life issues and challenges that affect us
  • And just as important as all the reasons above...

...HAVE FUN!!!

We go out for fun and games, to hangout and unwind, etc.

Our weekly Youth Fellowship Meetings are an open, relaxed environment where we share our thoughts, discuss a variety of issues, and raise questions without the fear of being judged. We also like to use whatever talents we have, be that a talent for art, music, drama, dance, or poetry.

If you'd like to connect with us, we'd love to have you as there is always space for one more. So contact usand arrange to come along.

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