Women @ St Michael's CJC

Where Every Woman Matters

Valuing individuality, loving diversity, celebrating womanhood as Christians!

We are a group of dedicated women, who take pride in celebrating the strength and beauty of being women. We recognise that we are empowered through the Holy Scriptures to embrace who we are, and take our place at the forefront of ministry, society and life, with confidence. Together we strive to make a difference wherever we can - at home, at work, at church, in our community.

Women are, also, encouraged in the creative expression of their faith - so whether you sing, dance, play an instrument, or are a budding poet then we'd love to meet you. Perhaps you have other talents to add to our repertoire, or maybe you prefer to sit and watch - you're still welcomed!

We meet up regularly to share our thoughts, ideas and discuss life issues, and to see what the Bible has to say. A warm welcome is extended to all sisters - neighbours, friends, colleagues, and associates. We are more than people who love God, we are also learning to share love and show love.

If you'd like to visit us or have any questions, please Contact Us.

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