Men @ St Michael's CJC


From all walk of life, we converge due to a shared experience: the life-changing impact of God's love!

The social pressure to fit-in with the latest trends has never been greater. Yet we may accrue wealth and the material trappings but, still lack contentment. We may be under pressure with people surrounding us but, nevertheless, feel alone. Unlike our female counterparts, who are allowed to cry and complain, we are socialised to suffer silently - it's the 'manly' thing to do.

Fortunately, there is a liberty that comes with realising that God loves us unconditionally and has a plan for our lives - as fathers, sons, brothers, as men. This realisation is on we wish to share with others. Together we rise to the challenges of a changing world: supporting and encouraging each other, sharing ideas and inspiration, lifting those who may be down, and celebrating with those who are on top.

Life is a journey and we endeavour to make it an enriching and fulfilling experience. So why not add to richness of our tapestry by coming along to join our informal {Men's Fellowship} sessions, where we explore various male issues against Biblical principles. We also love a good laugh and hanging out.

If you'd like to pay us a visit or have any questions, please contact us.

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