Precious Gems @St Michael’s CJC

Little rays of sunshine growing in brilliance

Children are the world’s most valuable resource and our hope for the future.

A bundle of raw potential, every child is worthy of love from birth, and our pastoral care goes beyond keeping young minds meaningfully engaged on Sundays, and instead fosters a more holistic approach. This might be supporting young mums, single mums, new mums, struggling mums, or even exhausted mums, single dads, and working parents alike. We recognise that parenting is hard work, long hours and requires years of commitment, but it can also be the most rewarding experience. We endeavour to facilitate the spiritual, emotional, moral and social wellbeing of each child we are blessed to be entrusted with.

In addition to imparting Christian principles from an early age, we couple this with role-modelling: a child learns to love by being shown love; learns to thrive by being stimulated and actively encouraged to do so; and learns to be self-confident by being taught the power of their own resilience and resourcefulness.

At St Michael’s CJC every child is valued, inspired and enabled to be the best they can be; encouraged to aim high and to challenge themselves to grow.

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