Infant Dedication

The blessing of infants and toddlers (also known as a Christening) is a special and sacred moment in a child's life. We believe there is no better way to start a new life, than with thanksgiving and God's blessing. When the disciples tried to prevent children coming to be blessed, Jesus objected and said to let the children come to Him (Luke 18:16). We, therefore, do not require parents to be members of the church in order to have their infant(s) blessed. We feel it is an honour to bless a child, as we consider them to be precious gifts from God to us.

Infant Dedications are only convened on Sundays, and will take place in the presence of the general congregation. Parents/guardians will be presented with a certificate.

In order to arrange the dedication of your child(ren), you will need to...

  • allow at least 6 weeks prior to your preferred date
  • make an appointment to meet with us
  • provide photographic proof of ID for the parent(s)/guardian(s)
  • provide 2 proofs of address (not more than 3 months old)
  • provide the original FULL Birth Certificate for your infant(s)

Please note that if you wish to have the father named on the Certification, then he must be named on the Birth Certificate.

Should you require further information, or wish to make arrangements to have your child blessed, please Contact Us.

Accepted Proofs of ID

  • Valid UK Driver's Licence or Provisional Driver's Licence
  • Valid UK Passport (non-UK Passport holders must provide an additional proof of ID)
  • Full UK Birth Certificate

Accepted Proofs of Address

  • Utility Bill (gas, electricity, landline phone bill) issued within the last 3 months
  • Local Authority Council Tax Bill for the current year
  • Bank or Building Society Statement issued within the last 3 months
  • HMRC Tax correspondence issued within the last 3 months