Jesus said, that He came that we may have life, and we may have it more abundantly; that He is the good shepherd, and a good shepherd gives his life for his sheep (cf. John 10:10-11, NKJV). Jesus gave His life for us, so now we have hope! Let's keep this hope alive...

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Keeping Hope Alive

Pastoral Counselling & Care

St Michael’s CJC provides a wide range of supplementary support across diverse needs, including loss and bereavement, marriage guidance, emotional support and interventions; behavioural support to children with behaviours that challenge and their parents/guardian; emotional support to teenagers and young people on a range of issues; support to adults with an established history of offending to promote positive change.

Elderly Care

We support our elders to maintain their health and wellbeing as they transition through their later years. This includes ensuring their nutritional and health needs are adequately met; providing the reassurance they need to engage with a range of medical professionals and services; enabling them to make informed choices; and maintaining their sense of community to minimise isolation.

We also support relatives of elders as we understand the challenges of caring for and supporting an senior person. This may take the form of helping them understand complex health care needs, providing respite,or simply providing a listening ear. We may assist with interventions to enable elders to remain in their own home, or in the care of relatives for as long as possible – unfortunately we are limited by are resources.

Special Needs Assist

Pastoral care and support is provided to adults with various mental health issues, physical and intellectual disabilities as needed. This can be providing advocacy and decision-making support, daily living assistance, support to relatives and guardians, enablement to engage with statutory services, or merely creating a sense of belonging.

Individuals with needs are not marginalised and encouraged in self-acceptance and independence. The facilities within our current physical environment, does impose significant restrictions for those who are wheelchair bound.

Educational Support

Through ongoing mentoring and leadership we support families, children and young people to excel academically, developing their conflict resolution and problem solving skills. We work with children and young people who may have needs and/or behaviours that may disrupt their education; or who may experience bullying.

We also support adults returning to education, in order to develop, achieve and progress or just for meaningful engagement. We truly believe that nobody is ever too old to learn!