About St Michael's CJC

St Michael's CJC Apostolic is a vibrant church that welcomes people from all walks of life. Together we support each other in our journey to fulfil God's divine purpose for us as individuals. It's not about who we are but, rather who God is, and what He can do. We bring our complete self in whatever state we are in, knowing that God's grace, love and mercy is able to reconfigure our mind, rejuvenate our spirit, and restore our soul.

As a church, we are blessed to often be able to bask in the manifest presence of God...

  • Where burdens are lifted; peace, joy and balance are restored
  • Where God-inspired teaching and expounding of scripture empowers us, to be better and do better
  • Where lives are changed, and hope embraced

    We encourage worship from the heart, and promote freedom of expression of praise through various artistic forms, such as, music, song, dance, poetry and drama.

    You are welcome to journey with us...

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