What I miss the most during lock-down 2020

So! Life as we know it has really changed in the past few weeks, in some areas, it’s practically grounded to a halt. Looking back, if we’re honest with ourselves there’s so much we’ve taken for granted.

Remember back in the good old days (pre lock-down) when you could just….

So, what are the things that you really, really miss?

  • Running to McDonalds in the hot sunshine to order your favourite milkshake?
  • Going shopping on payday, to get that treat you’ve had your eye on for a while?
  • Or just chilling out with your friends and fam?

We’ve all got those feelings of wishing we could just….

So, tell us your top 3, “What I miss the most” during lock down. It might be more than 3 things and that’s ok). You may find that you’re not alone in this after all!

Please submit your entry to info@stmichaelscjc.org

Your submission will be posted on the St Michaels website and will remain anonymous.