Lock-down Jump-up

Welcome to Lock-down Jump-up, keeping your company during this challenging time. We understand that remaining indoors for  an extended period can be challenging – home working, home schooling or just home alone! Well we are here to support you with suggestions of activities to keep you and your family occupied during this period. We also want you to share your experiences, suggested activities and hints and tips with us.

All submissions posted on the St Michaels website will remain anonymous.

*St Michael’s CJC does not endorse or accept responsibility for content provided on external websites which are not affiliated with St Michaels CJC.

What I miss the most during lock-down 2020

So! Life as we know it has really changed in the past few weeks, in some areas, it’s practically grounded to a halt. Looking back, if we’re honest with ourselves there’s so much we’ve taken for granted.

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Recipe corner

Cookery can be a great stress reliever, so with more time on your hands why not give it a go? You might have an interesting recipe you would like to share? It could be your granny’s family traditional fruit cake recipe or even your own accidentally created mix, that doesn’t taste too bad?

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Calling all talented, budding and aspiring poets and writers

During this coronavirus lockdown period, why not share your skills and talent to pen a poem or write a short story, related to lock-down. How has it been for you, what have you observed, or what would you do differently? Whatever perspective you have on this period of time please share them; a bit of humour would be well received at this time.

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A little something for the Kids

Calling kids of all ages.

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Personal Development

Why not freshen up your CV and up-skill yourself. Various free courses are available, a couple of which are indicated below. Empower yourself to step up to the next level or just learn something new.

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A helping hand

If you have suddenly become a teacher as well as parent, here are some links to provide a helping hand.

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Lockdown haircare


As lockdown continues, not being able to frequent our usual beauty and hair salons has meant that we are all finding new ways of developing our individual self-care, beauty regimes. However, there may still be some areas where we require the help of a professional.

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Health and Wellbeing

We have assembled some useful resources and official guidance that you can reference to assist in maintaining your health and well-being.

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Brain Twisters

Are you finding it challenging to keep your mind active during another lockdown? Fed-up of box sets and repeat movies? Here are a few brain teasers, to keep your mind active.

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Tik Tok Challenge

Tik Tok is a fun and creative way to showcase your abilities by doing short dances, lip-syncing, comedy and talent videos.  With 24 hours in a day, and another extended lockdown, you might be again struggling to keep yourself occupied during this pandemic?

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