There are countless times the church has helped me when I was struggling. Honestly, I am the woman I am because of my Pastor’s guidance. I am now at university knowing I have the support of my church.

Jahneel Green

Coming to St Michael's CJC has been a life changing experience: doors that I never thought would have been opened, have miraculously done so. The prayers of the church caused my son to also give his life to Jesus Christ.

Beverley Russell

I have learnt so much! Since attending St Michael's CJC I have overcome depression, past hurts and pains. I’ve never gone without, even during low times. God has resolved major work problems and created promotions for me. I’d have truly 'lost my mind' had I not built a close relationship with God.

Samantha Lawrence

I thank God for my church, St Michael's CJC! I was down and out when a friend invited me; I was truly broken. My Past or encouraged and prayed for me. Now I am settled in a job I love, a home that’s peaceful and a church that I call my family.

Winsome Daley

When I first entered St Michael’s CJC, I had no idea that God was about to answer every need, prayer and desire I had for a church. Love, care, acceptance, worship, guidance and fellowship met me, with Jesus Christ at the heart of it all. Everyone is so dedicated. Our amazing pastor makes time for everyone.

Paul Narin

My entire life changed because of one moment: a moment in worship at St Michael’s CJC – I felt God’s presence and gave my life to Jesus Christ. I had never experienced that feeling before, and so much love from people I hardly knew. Now I feel so connected to everyone. The way everyone worships God is amazing.

Vandana Simon