Jesus said, that He came that we may have life, and we may have it more abundantly; that He is the good shepherd, and a good shepherd gives his life for his sheep (cf. John 10:10-11, NKJV). Jesus gave His life for us, so now we have hope! Let's keep this hope alive...

God will make a difference if you let Him

God Works @ St Michael’s CJC

Despite the many things that are wrong with this world, the beauty of God’s craftsmanship, as expressed in nature, remains untainted. Likewise, while every facet of our society seems to be plagued by turmoil, troubles and tragedies the hope for the good that is within us is not lost.

We come together to forge strong relationships with God that allow His divine presence to infuse the atmosphere and our being. Through inspirational worship, prayer and ministry of the Holy Bible we are empowered to embrace inner healing, strength and wellbeing which enables us to receive the peace, love and completeness God intended for us.

Jesus died for all of us, not an elite few, because God has a purpose for every person that enters this world. It is up to us whether, or not, we choose to explore this… but, a better society is built with better people, and that begins with us…

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About Us

St Michael’s CJC is a vibrant church that welcomes people from all walks of life. We journey together in discovery of our divine purpose.  It is not about who we are but, rather who God is and what He can do! We bring our complete self, in whatever state we are in, knowing that God’s love, grace and mercy are able to illuminate our mind, rejuvenate our spirit, and restore our soul.

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What’s Happening?

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Unusually, St Michaels CJC was founded, and is led by a woman against all odds. Rev Ferguson has a wealth of experience as a wife, mother, former nursing professional and investor often used to strengthen, encourage and inspire others. A vivacious and passionate leader, Rev Ferguson loves people and embodies a Christ-like selflessness. She remains a deeply spiritual individual, whose pastoral care embraces people of all ages, social, economic, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

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Support Us

We support our elders to maintain their health and wellbeing as they transition through their later years. This includes ensuring their nutritional and health needs are adequately met; providing the reassurance they need to engage with a range of medical professionals and services; enabling them to make informed choices; and maintaining their sense of community to minimise isolation.

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